Alryth lost his parents at a young age when when they were found to be guilty of heresy. Believing that their activities had been compromised, and fearing that he would be sent to a life of servitude in the church of Mitra, they sent him to live with a trusted friend just before they were arrested and sentenced for their crimes. To cover his disappearance, another child was abducted and burned in their home. In court, they proclaimed that they would rather send their child’s soul to Asmodeus than see it be turned to the light. The court readily believed that the heretics would be so vile, and did not investigate the matter further. Both were burned at the stake, though Alryth was never told of his parent’s fate.

Tragedy struck a second time when, shortly thereafter, Alryth’s newly appointed guardian passed from plague. Now without anyone to watch over him, 4 year old Alryth was sent to be raised in the city’s orphanages. He was assigned to a recently opened orphanage operated by the Dwarven lawyer Reginald Truthteller. There he grew up had a relatively normal childhood.. except for the subtle indoctrination into the church of Asmodeus.

Around the age of 12, Alryth began to manifest preternatural powers — the legacy of his forgotten arcane heritage. Realizing the potential of the child, Reginald took special interest in him and began grooming him as a protégé.

At the age of 24, Alryth brought to the fore irrefutable legal documents proving a distant blood relation to the royal family, dating back to an illegitimate child conceived during the sedition wars 80 years ago. In light of his newly discovered birthright, Alryth was granted the office of mayor in a nearby township that had recently been without leadership. He also became engaged to a young scion of a noble house of Talongarde.

Later that same year, however, it was discovered by an astute scribe that the claim of total blood had been wholly fabricated. The documents, all forgeries, we’re discovered to be attributed to the law offices of Truthteller and Sons. In light of these lies, forgeries, and disgrace to the name if the king, Alryth was sentenced to Brandenscar for grand fraud under the supreme law of the kingdom.


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